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Here's where you can suggest a theme title/flash fiction subject.  Please comment with them, in this journal entry, and they'll be posted as soon as possible.  Thanks!
:bulletblack: Fairy Tale Crossover

:bulletblack: Twisted Nursery Rhyme Art Jam

:bulletblack: Puss n Boots the other side of the story

:bulletblack: Fairy Tales Exposed

:bulletblack: There's 2 sides to every story - The "villian's" tale of what went down. Are they the villian or really the victim?

:bulletblack: a tale about a normal (maybe) person transforming into something evil and the consequences (first full moon as a werewolf, the morning after a radiation dose, etc) it could be about their family or friends reactions, their own thoughts as they change and similar views.

:bulletblack: a tale about an alien (or robot) coming to earth, but they are injured (or damaged) and don't quite know whats going on... at first...

:bulletblack: in the woods

:bulletblack: A monster/demon/creature who thinks they are Human (or conversely parents trying to raise a monster/demon/etc)

:bulletblack: a voice heard in the ear but never seen that may seem nice and be evil, or seem evil but be nice, etc.

:bulletblack: a tale about someone locked in an insane asylum (who may or may not belong there)

:bulletblack: the classic theme, alone and lost.

:bulletblack: the house in the forest.

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